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  • Do legal research like never before with our exclusive research engine developed by JE

  • Search for terms and definitions across multiple codes, laws and documents, including video and audio files.

  • Share research with other members.

  • Collaberate interactively with other members using our exclusive "Help Desk".

  • Learn about the legal system and how to do research on laws and codes

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The Library
  • Do legal research using your own text based documents and PDFs

  • Do legal research using documents supplied by TPSHD and/or other members

  • Upload and convert audio, image and video files to text searchable format to be able to do research on them

  • Tie in legal research from Lexis Nexis, Westlaw or PACER (You must have your own account with them!)

  • Collaberate with your friends while doing legal research

  • Share your story with other like minded individuals who may have things to share regarding your situation

Learn about how to win in court with the Jurisdictionary System

Created by Johnny Enigma
and Robwerks

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The Bulletin Board

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